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[There is a whistling noise.

Like something falling.

It is very quickly followed by a grown man's unconventional Japanese-inspired sounds of Oh Shit. But then the journal hits the ground, springs open, and realizes exactly five seconds of a man about to hit the ground at insanely fast speeds. Lucky him, he woke up from his mallynapped... nap... just in the nick of time. No problem! There's a blue glow and he lands on his feet before staggering across a very thick field of plant life.]

Holy... that was close...

[Phew. He blinks down to the journal, and then realizes he's back.

Sure, almost just fell to his death, but he's back!! A smile drags across his face, relieved. The screen makes everything look pretty... normal... lots of sky. Lots of Kotetsu as he scoops up the journal. Must pretend to be a-ok, for his daughter's sake. She's probably already freaked out enough, thinking about how experiments might be. Or what they do there. Cells. All that scary stuff not made for children.]

Kaede!! Papa's back now; sorry if I scared you. I'm on my way home.


This forest really let itself go! I don't remember havin' to swim through so much of this...

[—are trees supposed to be that gigantic? And holy crap, is he wading through grass? He slows to a stop, blinking. His glow shuts down as he skids to a stop on an obscenely large tree log. Look at him. Look at how illogically... He rubs his chin, looks back to the journal.]

Are we in the middle of a shift? Everything's all huge and—










Anyone who doesn't get the... joy of seeing the message and talking to him during that mess, he'll be running to get back into town, avoiding animals. So if you see a 10 inch tall man in white kidnap pants, it's because the world hates him. Time to go home, no time to waste!!]


[Okay. Let us not mention that happened ever again. Eventually, our hero gets out of the clutches of the evil hawk—but now he's in the clutches of... tininess. Can't do anything about it, either. So he spends some of his time in the kitchen of Seventh Heaven (because he will order Kaede to go to school SCHOOL IS IMPORTANT!! But either way, he'll get to stick around parkouring around with his wire. It's good exercise. Co-workers and lurkers, don't mind him.

... He may or may not be attempting to wash the counters with a large rag by running across it dojo-style.

Yosh!! Can't give up my occupation just because of a little height disadvantage!!

Please god, don't let this last long. He's too clumsy to be this short.]

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[Kotetsu was just on his way to meet Kaede at the school; he's been enjoying that, lately. Something very relaxing, walking your family home. Something maybe he's missed too much (even if he was late a lot). As he reaches the bridge between the two, he's cut off by the droids. Whatever message he was about to send out? It's temporarily placed on hold. His first thought is to keep them away from where people were most frequent (Kaede had to be safe; he couldn't let them get close; god, thank god it's not her they're after this time), so he glows blue and darts off toward the forest. One droid, hidden and prepared, cuts him off and slams into his shoulder, throwing him through the trees. 

The journal falls from a particularly high place, and lands open, flat. At an odd angle, Kotetsu lands on one knee, wiping a bleeding nose with the back of his hand. His frown is deep.]

Kinda' funny that you guys were massaging people's feet a month ago, ain't it?? I'm not going without some kinda' fight. Not when I got people who'll get pissed at me for skipping out on my jobs.

[He growls out something of a battle cry before rushing off screen, kicking off a large clump of earth, and a droid flies across the journal's field of view with a crunch; nothing it couldn't handle, because it's right back to attacking him.]

I got someone I gotta meet, you bastards! I can't be late--!

[Another droid flies, hits a tree. There's metallic thunks, distant and not-so-distant. Kotetsu's blue glow tinges half the recording blue. He was desperate to at least try--try to kick their asses and run them off. What else is there to do but never give up? They were able to fight off the droids before, but they're so damn fast about things.

Even so, he wouldn't give up. He wouldn't give up. He wouldn't--

[A gasp of surprise, caught off-guard.

Well, shit.

And then there's a thunk, but it's more... metal hitting a skull, than a tree. And then the blue glow is abruptly gone.]

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nope nope

nope nope nope he remembers this--he remembers just what happens around here when Luceti has their lovey dovey spell things, or whatever the heck you wanna call it. Heck, he even 
called it his first year. It's why he's on the screen immediately with the realization of what time of the year it is, making a big X with his arms and hands.]

Oh no--noooo way! I already know what's gonna happen. 

[... but... Kotetsu. People will love and laugh. No fighting! Just think of that, dude.]

I mean, it's good to get some love in your life... [NO STAND FIRM, YOU'RE ALL FOR FREEDOM] But no thanks, I'm not in any mood for the magical cupid stuff they pull on us. That kinda sucks all the fun outta' being in love! Do these malnosso guys have that much trouble finding it, they gotta use everyone else as guinea pigs? It's not like it's that hard to find; love just kinda comes naturally to you! Or it gets kidnapped by your rival and you gotta go save it from exploding warehouses... and punches you in the stomach....

... Okay, sometimes it doesn't always come naturally, but isn't some of the coolest parts seeing how it unfolds? Without the magic stuff involved.


Okay, not the worst villain power, but. But still.]

... I guess--there's that saying... love conquers all? It's better than all of us suddenly hating each other's guts, huh? Right?

But then everyone's mad after it's over, so it doesn't really matter...

[Whelp, you know the drill—time to throw on the apron and help out around the Seventh Heaven. That's pretty much a norm now; how he ended up serving plates and not just cleaning dishes is... really beyond him. But he'll be around. Taking out trash, sweeping, serving, whatever the hell he's pointed to do. Hopefully the day will be... mostly uneventful? One could only hope.

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[Kotetsu's essentially been away for the last week and a half (two weeks? he couldn't remember when they started) working a mission, because it's one of the few things that successfully keeps his attention away from the sad downhill roll his life'd been on. Things had been a little easier with time after Bunny had died, but then came the draft, trying to kill people, unable to save friends, citizens, himself—and then Pao-Lin went home, to top it off. Bottom line, it hasn't been easy. Kotetsu's naturally unfocused when it comes to anything but his job, so when he returns to the Luceti battered and bruised but mostly okay, he's confused.]

I'm back...

Oi, did something happen while I was out? There're—


wait a sec]

Christmas. [He slaps his forehead, making a loud, annoying sigh, same ol' same ol'.] Aaaargh, I forgot! How'd I go and forget something as easy as Christmas? —Did I, uh. Miss anything? I mean, I guess maybe it's a little late to get everyone something, huh? But if you guys are okay with that... [keep busy, he thinks. keep busy] If anyone needs anything done for 'em, lemme' know. I can help get firewood or clear out snow, or whatever you'd need done.

[Cue scrambling for gifts. Let it be known, if he knows you he'll show up somewhere and give you something. It'll be small, probably something you'll hardly care for or use, but whatever. It's the very late thought that counts. And he hurries back to the restaurant and hey everyone sorry for being missing 75% of the time I had combat training stuff to do. Washing dishes, delivering things; he knows it's been hard goings around here. Admittedly, Kotetsu's been airheaded for a while now—no, no, not the usual airheaded-ness. Something considerably more worrisome and depressing. Well, it's fine. We all go through our moments, right? Yeah.

Still, he's not sure why he ends up standing in the middle of where Bunny had died many months ago, in broad daylight. Can't really even see it, technically, it's all under snow. Not that there'd be any reminders of it now...]

in which kotetsu talks out loud to someone who's not there; times are hard, man )

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[To be completely honest... Kotetsu was miserable. When something hits him, it hits him hard, carries over like a cloud above him. After becoming a monster, possibly hurting people he was supposed to protect... after failing Nami and an innocent little girl, failing to help Sanji when he needed someone—they'd lost so many people, and he knew that it... it was really hurting not just him, but everyone else. And there was nothing about it he could do. There was no rescuing to be done. No buildings to smash through, people to grab in the nick of time.

He was too busy being in need of rescue himself, anyway. The routine was the same: smile where he could, be content to appease the audience of Luceti. Go to the Seventh Heaven and work, work, work where he was needed. And then... sign up for missions. Keep on doing that. He's already planning to go on another one when he comes across a painful discovery.]


... I, uh. Dunno if anyone knew—

[A pause.]

Pao-Lin's gone home. But.... But it's good that she did. I know it sucks to lose people here, even if you know it's a good thing... but I just wanted to say that she has a future to look forward to. She's—she's a great hero back home. She protects people. I'll bet she'll be at the top of the charts in no time; heck, she already outdoes oldtimers like me, she's such a natural...

[He stops himself as he trails off, realizing he probably won't stop talking if he keeps it up for too long.]

... I just wanted to let anyone know who doesn't.

And sorry if I worried any of you, back there. I've been resting and I'm feeling a lot better now, so I'm okay.

[Private // Tony Stark] )

[And with that, he goes back to the Seventh Heaven to help out. When he's in the kitchen... he really likes that he can be distant and quiet. And, even if it seems funny to imagine for someone like him, solemn and thoughtful. Of course, going back outside will illicit a happy little smile that says otherwise. Everything's fiiiine. Don't worry so much. It'll be okay.

Except he's starting to visit the bar more—once a night is okay. One drink is okay. He sits at the bar, observing the ugly scar lingering on his forearm, on his wrist, where the infection—and a gunshot—had marred his flesh good and well. Under his collar is the scar from another biter. A reminder of the moment he's lost faith in himself.

... Okay. For tonight? He'll go ahead and drink a little more than he should.

Just tonight.]

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[Crunchcrunchcrunch—blurry images, mostly just colors, flash in his vision. He thinks he hears voices screaming; then he thinks he hear's Barnaby and Kaede, and then Nami... and then himself? Raw and unrelenting pain pounds at the sides of his head and he screams something inhuman—

October 31st, 9 PM, another piercing yell rips through the trees. Unlike the miserable cries months prior when Bunny died, this is all blind shock, something teeming with some residual rage before he realizes he has nothing to be angry about (yet, until he remembers what happened, what he'd done). There's a thud and a rasping, heavy set of breaths that verge on the edge of panic; he shakily throws his journal open. The screen is blacked out with his palm, which is basically what's keeping him upright at the moment.]

Is—everyone...? Where's everyone?

[Everything's dark at first, and even when his eyes adjust it's still dark. He's in the forest. He hadn't even realized he'd walked into it until just now, but it's the last thing on his mind as he tries to talk to the journal. His stomach is all twisted up and he's covered in grime. No, this is... What happened? He'd been with Nami, and he... Shit, he's not sure what went wrong. He remembers his powers suddenly shutting down, the infected biting down on him... He moves to touch the raw wound on his neck and realizes he has no clue what's going on (don't touch it, don't touch it). The one on his arm is still there... Did he have more? He couldn't be bothered to know-

He's covered in blood.

His stomach flips, but no matter how hard he tries to remember the hours beyond him turning...


His voice is suddenly louder over the journal, raspy with concern.]

Nami, did she—is she okay?! Did people get out? Dammit, someone tell me what happened out there-

[He curls inward suddenly, his body feeling all wrong, and his hand pulls away from the screen. Coming back from... From whatever he was, it really fucked up his body. He feels too hot, beads of sweat dotting the page. He needs peace of mind, because right now? He thinks he has flecks of something under his nails... He doesn't want to think about it.]

If you were on the draft, let me know you're alright... Please. I didn't hurt any of you, did I? I can't remember... What'd I....

[He, uh. Isn't good at moving right now, but he's not even sure how to bother with it, with what's happened. He just curls up and waits for answers, because how do you even pick yourself up and dust yourself off when you're pretty sure you've hurt innocent people? Possibly... no, he can't think of that. He's too tired to budge, and frankly, that doesn't really matter at all. There were a few times in his life he hoped, when he woke up, that it was all just a nightmare.

This is one of those times.]

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[Kotetsu has been visiting the item shops off-and-on, but the smithy isn't somewhere he visits all too often. He kinda' just goes in out of curiosity—so he doesn't really expect to find his hero suit standing in the corner, just recently magic'd in and ready to go.]

Aha—!! You're kidding me!!

[Man, he hadn't liked the damn thing when he'd first been told he'd wear it, but man is it good to see; unfortunately, the helmet's pretty effed up, and the suit... well. The suit is missing some pretty important chunks. To put it simply: this poor suit of armor is trashed. To be expected, since the last time he'd seen it back home was after he was shot in the everywhere with a laser.

Lucetians, he's gonna just... drag this crappy suit across the village, toward home. Don't worry, he's got this. Totally.]


What do you think makes stuff show up here? I mean like, what kinda' timer are they on? I sure coulda used some of this when I first got here... Before that I found some old music records from home. Does it all end up in a warehouse and they just throw it in a big spot to get sent here???

They could have at least sent me the suit they give me during the drafts.


[Shut up he can draw a frowny face if he wants to, KAEDE DOES IT ALL THE TIME.]

[voice // filtered to tony stark // 10% unhackable]

So, uh... Look. I think...

[This is difficult to say, man; time to lay on the niceness.]

I have a suit of armor that needs some... fixing up. And I figured since you're so... smart and all, you'd be able to figure out this weird techno-babble stuff real easy. Whaddya' think about helping me out here? Huh? How about it? From one hero to another?
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 [Kotetsu's had a really tough 8 weeks, but he's getting better. After all, he has a few nosy bros who don't leave him alone, especially at Seventh Heaven; he's passed the point of sleeping bad hours and he's at least getting some perspective on his life here--mainly, that as long as he can fight, he can find some ridiculous self-made repentance for 'that thing that happened' about two months ago. That thing we shan't bring up, unless we want a frown and a long moment to himself. He's been keeping up, at least. Even though he'd been frustrated that Bil had died--and at the fact that there was a death toll in general--he was relieved to be capable. He helped more than he'd ever helped before, he thinks, with Luceti as a whole.

It made things a little easier.

So he keeps himself active and busy with that in mind. He knows that if his powers fail him he needs to be prepared. He spends time each day at the battle dome to practice some simple hand-to-hand fighting, making sure he's not getting any duller, and working his muscles. Mostly replicating punching bags, simple things. He's not a flashy guy, and frankly, he's not a fan of holograms anyway. He's been trying to talk to the spirits, too. In fact, at one point he's gotten himself a few mean burns from the fire guy--y'know, he thinks... maybe the spirit doesn't like him. Or something. 

But by god, he keeps trying. And he might be slowly getting him to cooperate, though he's out to buy burn ointment regardless. B|

He also keeps up his work at Seventh Heaven, though... he's not quiiite sure how he ended up being an employee instead of a volunteer. Sometimes at night he creeps on over and does some busy work, when sleeping feels too difficult. Ah well. Might as well keep up some work, right?

One particular day, he happens upon an interesting book. Definitely not from his earth, but still. Cool.]


Oi, oi, did you see this world records book in the library? It's really cool! [Dated 2008, but whatever. He's super interested!] 

Let's see. The heaviest Blue-somethin' tuna fish caught was like... 1,500 pounds! I bet that fed a pretty big family! If you could keep it cold, I mean. I used to fish on the river, but I never caught anything bigger than my hand... 'World's stretchiest skin'... Maybe this guy's a NEXT. I know I met someone just like that at the Hero Academy.

[flippity page flip!! Wait, this one--] 

24 inch long
fingernails?? How the heck do you even eat...? Some people sure are strange...

S'kinda weird how most of these would be easy for Luceti, though, huh? Like this guy here, he can break 90 concrete blocks in 10 seconds. That's not too hard here, I think. I'm sure I could do it... Oi, or--!! This guy here, he threw someone 17 feet. [a laugh] I definitely know a lot of people who can beat that record!

[brb chillin in the seventh heaven like a kid in a library


What a strange world. Some of this stuff is just bizarre, even for hero standards. Catch him aaaany time, any place. :|b]

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Kotetsu wakes up in the clinic. )

He has to go.

He's gotta get outta here. He has to find them. If he stays, the people here will keep him still and not let him go, and he doesn't want that. So gathering up all of his strength in the pit of his stomach, ignoring the low ache in his shoulders and ribs, he instantly glows blue before fleeing from the clinic through an open window. He's a flash of neon color through the forest and village as he returns to the apartments.

He looks in Bunny's room first, slams it open with his shoulder, and the wind is knocked out of him on sight.

Everything's gone.

Everything's gone.

He doesn't realize he spends the next twenty minutes sitting in the middle of the empty room. When he finally does, he swallows hoarsely and uses his NEXT power to keep himself moving.

Pao-lin, he has to find her.

Somehow, he already assumes she's dead. After jumping through the window to the seventh story of her complex, he easily forces the door to her apartment open. The stillness of her room, untouched, tells him nothing's right. He wants to assume it's just her hiding, after all that's happened. But she's gone away. He tries to leave her messages on the journal and there are no replies back. No sign of her. Nothing. He'll be looking around CH7, asking if anyone knows where Pao-lin is.

The bandages and New-Feather-esque hospital clothes may raise some confusion. And the glowing, too, maybe.

Walking through the forest, his powers clocked in, he gives up and quietly curls up under a tree, burying his face in his knees, exhausted. He's sick and hot and in pain, and more than likely he's reopened his injury, but he's hardly aware of any of it. None of that matters, because he's failed. Barnaby's gone, and it's his fault he was killed like that. It's his fault he wasn't strong enough for him or Pao-Lin. His partner went home, and the last thing he saw in Luceti was Kotetsu as he bled out.


A few sharp, strangled yells are muffled by his hands but echo, regardless, into the treetops, scaring off stray birds. Eventually, they break down into sobs that shake his whole body. At this point, he's not budging, even as it starts to trickle rain through the canopy.

Eventually as the sun starts setting, he'll be directed back to the clinic without much struggle, staying at last to heal and get fixes for the burns and injuries he has. Honestly, he just wants to leave. He's not hungry - most of his food's not touched, he's not much for conversation, and he'd rather vanish into the covers than anything else right now.

But he'll try to be himself. Attempt to smile and talk, if spoken to.

He just wishes he could leave and find a way to get his mind off it all. Frankly, this is all a countdown so that he can hide in his own apartment like he intended.]

((ooc: feel free to run into him out in the woods after he's given up his search, or talk to him as he's looking for pao-lin. also, at the clinic after he agrees to finally go back. if you got any other places you'd wanna pop up, lemme know. he's pretty out of it, pre-clinic return.

most of this takes place on may 8th, but the last little bit can happen any time in the next 7 days or so. :|b

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[Kotetsu's been laying low, for the sake of... well, not getting into trouble. He's been doing pretty good, okay? Like, exceptionally! Today is just 'Filter Through the Item Shop' day, where he's getting a few simple things; a camera, a new coat, and the usual sort of thing. Of course, he hardly expected to run into a box of familiar old records--his own, right outta' the apartment back home. He's excited and grinning when he slides back the opened top a little.]

Maaa, no way! This has my Mr. Legend albums and everything!

[Hell yes, today is the best day ever!

... Eh? What's this?

He removes the top completely and narrows his eyes at the small notebook on top. It'd have his recorded regression of power inside, he knew, and there was nothing like a brief reminder of your disappointments to kill the mood, right? But he just grumbles in annoyance under his breath and tucks the small journal away in his back pocket before hoisting up the box of goods.

Perfect. Now there was only one issue.]


Oi, oi, anybody got a video record player they'd let me borrow for a while? Nothing fancy, just whatever'll play my old records! Or a record player for my music, anyway; do the malnosso give those kindsa' things out?

I searched the store, but I didn't see any...


Actually, I was wondering if you guys had any kindsa' heroes back home; not like, officers and army people—those guys are heroes, too, but I mean the old fashion Heroes! With capes and masks and all kinds of cool stuff like that! The ones who have neat powers and fight the crooks!

Things like that are the coolest, don't ya' think?

[Afterward he lankily walks off to work, whistling into the kitchen. And practically drools while he sweeps, because my god, why did he work in a place where food was made specifically not for him. :C

He needs something to listen to to get his mind off things.



I-is that a pie on the oven?

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Valentine's Day already, huh? I remember thinking it was a pretty gross holiday, when I was a little kid. I just liked getting candy from the teachers, most of the time, so I guess I couldn't complain too much.

[He's cautious when he says it, but he sounds pretty okay with things; in fact, he's thinking fondly--it's probably obvious by the look on his face; this day hasn't held much meaning to him personally for the last few years. The first few after Tomoe died were... depressing, yeah, but the ones after were simply normal days. Go to work, do his job, go home, sleep, and the day was done. Still, it didn't mean he wasn't susceptible to memories.

He recalls on occasion how hard he tried to be impressive on Valentine's Day for her, but... they never really worked out more than once or twice. Still. He holds those days very close to him.]

I guess it's not as much fun when your other half is back home, huh? Maybe people can make them some cards and keep 'em put away, on the off chance you'll get to give it to 'em someday. Aa, and anyone who's got their significant other here, give them something nice to remember for today, huh?


[Aaaand finally a sour face. He just realized something. I know, I know, it's impressive.]

The malnosso... I'm guessing they won't like Valentine's Day either.

N-naa... Maybe everyone should enjoy their romantic evenings in bunkers?

[But more importantly, stuff to do today! He goes over to Barnaby's to visit--for some reason, he's got this weird urge to cook him breakfast. Probably because he owes him one. After this ordeal (which will probably be super weird and confusing for this poor oyaji bastard), he's going to go to the grocery store to buy some veggies or whatever. 

But he sort of ends up... like... staring down the chocolates aisle with a zombie face. ~_~]

 backdated a bit to valentine's day morning :|b))

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[The first sensation Kotetsu feels is pain: a headache, which is already pounding away at his temples; there's just darkness at the moment. He can feel that his eyes are closed, hearing an inhuman sigh--a lion?--and it's pretty weird because it sort of sounds like it's coming from himself. But that wouldn't make sense. It's a few minutes later that he feels his body twist and change, but he can't snap himself awake despite his mental efforts. When he finally cracks open his eyes, he's acutely aware something is really weird.

That is, he's laying on Barnaby's couch naked. With a collar hanging off his neck. With no memory of how he got there.


Oh my christ.

He leaps up in horror, throwing a blanket off him. For some reason, his balance is weird, because he feels like two legs just isn't enough; there's a crash as he collapses forward into the table, knocking his journal around--just a short, horrified sort of message is sent out in the process--]

What the hell--

Where are my cloth--

[Ooooouuurgh. He feels his stomach churn--must've been the food he last ate, not that he remembers, and he slaps a hand over his mouth, stumbling to his feet as he drags the blanket with him. In no time he's in the bathroom leaning over the toilet, retching the last remains of a particularly not!human meal. Just gonna... sit here for a second. Phewwwww.]


[Okay. Once things are all sorted out and these hangover symptoms of his experiment are settled, he finally realizes he accidentally sent out a voice message over the journals. Can't let it be just that, since... you know, he didn't want to worry anyone with terror. So he composes himself, itching his hairline in embarrassment. He's finally remembering bit by bit of his tiger experiences. Huh. Weird.]

Naa, I guess I... uh, was pretty weird these last two weeks. If you ran into a tiger, thanks a lot for keeping me company!

I hope I didn't cause anyone too much... trouble... 

[He's thinking of you specifically, Nami.

Aaand he groans, rubbing a hand across his face.]

I'm never eating meat again.

[Which is a total lie, but whatever. He'll be out and about if you want to meet him in person; the grocery store, to apologize for wrecking havoc on their deli while he's there, to the restaurant to get some real food in his stomach, and then maybe the orchard to make sure it's not... completely... ruined. :|]

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[He wakes up groggily from the sedatives and decides it's entirely fine to try to walk with what's left of it in his system.

The first thing he doesn't notice is that instead of walking on two feet, he's staggering around on four; the reason being, he's just a silly old tiger, one with poor memory and very poor human skills, possibly because he has none whatsoever; the train of thought a human would have is lost on him—there are trees and he knows they are good for scratching claws on. There's snow on the ground from a night's snow a few days prior, and he's aware it's wet and cold.

He's also aware of something squeezing his wrist uncomfortably. He gnaws the shit out of his watch before he gives up and let's it stay on his kitty wrist, accompanying a extremely-stretched bracelet of beads.

And he's hungry. And still tired. Mmm... Sleep is good.

sleeping tiger, unhidden tiger

There might be a tiger finding a place to sleep around you; be it in your room—a window or an opened door, perhaps—in your bed, on your couch. There might be a wild jungle cat just sleeping it up. There might be one out on the path curled up snoozing. Or... for some people, he might recognize your house or apartment and sneak in to sleep in your abode or on your step.

Either way, there's a tiger with green wings hanging around.


You may wake up to find a strange sound in the morning... The sound of shuffling, of glasses breaking, of cupboards and fridges being broken. That is because this confused tiger, caught between its natural and unnatural side, can't for the life of him figure out how he works this thing or how he recognizes the shapes of certain objects. Like handles. Which he breaks pretty easily. He's a big-ass creature, you know.

Walking in may reveal wraps and plates and misc. things on the floor; he's possibly enjoying a nice uncooked chicken breast or ripping your cereal box to shit. In fact, he might just bust into the restaurant, grocery store, or any other place with food so that he can devour it.

Don't worry, though. He's a pretty friendly tiger, for the most part; as in, he won't try to eat you. Because as animal as he is, he hasn't forgotten what he is: that thing being that he's a dumb but relatively heroic fella. His hazy mind vaguely recalls this strange desire... Can't go beating people up and ripping out their innards, y'know.]

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[So. Christmas was over. Things were settling from the draft. Kotetsu is ready to go out and start this day; he dresses like usual, puts on his hat and adjusts his tie, and moves out the door—and he sees, down the hall, a small group of droids. They turn and look at him, and they're already walking dangerously fast toward his front door from down the way. He slams the door back and runs into his bedroom, slamming that door as well. Not much time, then. He knew what they were here for. Without a moment of pause he slips off his ring and leaves it on the dresser, scared to lose it again, and flips open his journal, sloppily writing a note.]

prooobably gonna be taken by the robots for a while, take care of yourselves — kotetsu

[And then he leaves out the window, glowing blue. They're following pretty quickly, and even with his power on they're proving hard to get rid of. He makes a break for the forest. He runs as fast as he can until he's a good distance, leaning against a tree and heaving a breath. He's so used to using this damn PDA. He didn't even leave it at home. He couldn't, really. 

Please don't be afraid to ask for help, if you need it.

You can trust me.

He hears the droids already catching up, and brings up the voice function; he didn't want to tell him what was happening. He really didn't. Barnaby was stressed out as it was with the holidays; him calling him to fight a fruitless fight didn't matter. But. He promised. If he was ever in over his head, he'd let Bunny know.

He talks into the call bracelet the moment it connects, nervous.]


You remember that robot problem they have here?

[Yeah, he was a goner. Sorry, aibou. But at least he's telling you upfront, right?]

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[Actually, Kotetsu's been pretty active behind the scenes. He knows Christmas is around the corner, so he's been... covertly getting things together for certain people. Today he drops them by houses or apartments that he can find—the list is as follows:


After he gives out the above gifts (he probably just drops it off silently, but you can catch him in the act if you want; he's shitty at sneaking), he makes a voice post.]


Maaa, it's great to be out of those crappy tunnels, huh? Though I can't say I like snow a whole lot; too slippery for normal walks... [I FALL A LOT IN THE WINTER OKAY] ... But I like the 'giving' part of this season, so maybe I'll just focus on that, huh? Merry Christmas!! Or Happy Holidays, too, dependin' on what you do this time of the year. Anyone out there have special holidays around this time?


... Say, speaking of presents: what kinds of presents do you think a 10-year-old girl would like? I always get my kid something for christmas, so I thought I'd do it anyway, even if she's not here; gotta keep the tradition going, right? [He laughs, itching the back of his head.] Still... I'm not really that good at picking out gifts for her. She's not as into dollies, and I kinda send her the wrong clothes sizes sometimes, so...

[More Possible Action]

[Kotetsu can also be found looking all over the item shop, vainly, to find something for Barnaby and Kaede. He manages to pick up something simple for Kaede; wraps it and puts it away for the future (the one time he actually thinks about the future, aha). For Barnaby, he finds something familiar at the item shop—so when he arrives back to his apartment, he wraps up his gift carefully cutting his finger because he's a crappy gift wrapper.

And then, god help him, he makes a blueberry pie in celebration of the holidays.

Nearly destroys the shared kitchen, too; if you see smoke, I swear Community Building 1 isn't on fire; you're welcome to try to help the guy make it, in the first place. After a while, Kotetsu punches the button on his PDA wrist bracelet and calls for Barnaby.]

[Filtered to Barnaby]

Oi, Bunny, come over to my place for a sec! I got something I have to give you!

[He's worried and anxious to talk to you, considering... y'know. The date it is. But he doesn't want to leave the other Hero alone in an apartment on a day like this, without giving it a shot.]
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• Your next shower will be interrupted by a large mildly poisonous insect. 
• Today is what life's all about. Go get 'em tiger! 
• Don't sleep, shriners want to eat you. 
• Quit your job. Who needs that crap? 

Best part of wakin' up is SPIDERS IN YOUR SHOWER. [Locked to Barnaby] )

[Voice / Open To All]

What the hell! Giant spiders?! Really? [the sound of the journal crumpling as he looks SUPER CLOSE at it] What's with this, huh?! Don't tell me this is supposed to be one of those shift things, right?? Dammit, I wasn't looking forward to one of these...! What is that supposed to even mean?? 'Today is what life's all about'...? Ha! I'm sure.

... 'go get 'em tiger'. Malnosso, you're not very cute. Not at all...

[He blinks in the middle of his ramble, as if he just realized something. And sits for a moment, before a dreamy smile crosses his face.]

But y'know... It's not so bad. I mean, horoscopes are really helpful sometimes, aren't they? Those Malnosso, maybe they're just being considerate! Maaa, how nice of them.... [Headturn--] And the sun! So bright, even though we just had a ton of snow... Today really is a wonderful day, naa? And the trees are all so green and pretty! Oi, did you know green is one of my favoritest colors...?

Just... brings a nice smile to your face.

[Oh christ. You can find him being unnaturally happy and content, whether he's sitting near the fountain enjoying the scenery or he's sitting in the forest near the lake in a big winter coat... Aaaah. Yes, what a wonderful day indeed... One can find him like this on Friday or Saturday, being all content.

Though... On Sunday of the event? When he's just his normal ol' self for once? For some reason—cough, horoscope, cough—he hasn't been able to go to bed. He sluggishly drags himself out of bed, makes a ton of coffee, visits the restaurant, goes to the bar—he can only hope the booze will help to knock him out. Man, this sucks. He's going on two nights without sleeping, so if you notice he's a bit sluggish, that might be the conundrum. He's just lucky the shift isn't letting it effect his brain's health, man. `_`]

[[ooc: so much stuff :|;; Basically Friday is 'spiders + happy~~~', Saturday is 'happy day cont.', and Sunday is his sleeping problems day! Just lemme know what day it is via subject line or obviousness or whatever you want. He'll be around later in the week, too. So yeah! XD]]
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[Start of the day: waking up flopped across a bar counter missing a shirt with a monster headache.

The day before: nothing at all like this or leading up to this.

It makes him wonder. Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, rolling off the table in alarm, slams face-first into the floor with a muffled grunt, before patting around for a bar stool to use for leverage. And he drags himself up, his entire face pounding now—

Oh, this place is apparently closed. Or maybe just really empty today (feel free to prove that last point). Because the doors are shut, the lights are dimmed, and he's flopping himself back up like a half-baked penguin to a seat that is next to a lot of empty seats. Hoooo, my head is killing me. First thing to notice, his side was nearly entirely healed up. The remnants of a burn were barely visible in the room. The second, the wings. The wings that were attributing to his headache. The things that only birds should have.

Those wings.

Alright, alright. He's obviously just tripping some heavy balls right now. As he leaves the building looking unbelievably confused, he messes with the journal. It... sort of reminds him of stuff back home, only... he's pretty sure paper doesn't work like this. There are people talking on it. He can read their stuff. Er, watch it, even.]

[Voice A]

Oi, oi, what's the big idea here? Where's my city at, huh?

... Did I get dumped in the countryside?

[Mrrr. Ojisan isn't much liking the cold air—he lets out a biting sneeze, before mumbling,]

I must be going crazy... Talking to books...

[Doesn't matter! What does is finding some clothes that isn't showing off his poor cold bod. He's partially successful, but not entirely. He finds his very own clothes—but. But there are important things missing.]

[Voice B]

Aaa, if anyone sees a few things, could you tell me? A really cool paperboy hat, for one. Can't find it anywhere. [he rubs his noses, trying to sound casual about this] I found my watch, but I'm still looking out for a ring... It's just a normal silver band, but it's pretty important. If you find it, could y'let me know?

[If you'll excuse him, he's got a item shop to dig through with determination.]

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Application under cut. )


Name: Kotetsu T. Kaburagi (Hero Name: Wild Tiger)
Fandom: Tiger & Bunny
Gender: male
Age: Mid-thirties (36 is his fall-back age, if I need it, but nothing canon has been given yet :|)
Time Period: Episode 25 (Pre-year time-skip, when the final battle is over.)
Wing Color: Green, like his armor. It'll glow a lovely blue while his NEXT powers are employed.
History: Located here!
And a hideous little interview with Kotetsu here for kicks.


... Where do I even start with this guy. (╯ಠ_ರೃ)╯︵ ┻━┻

Hrm. Okay, let's try the beginning.

The series starts off telling the viewer just what they need to know about this strange fella here: he's a hero—not just a hero, but a Hero, someone who truly wants to save the day. Also, that he breaks things a lot on account of his reckless or thoughtless behavior, and he isn't afraid to jump right into the rough of things if a person's in need of help. His philosophy is simple because he's a pretty simple man: don't take lives, needlessly or not, and don't turn down someone in need. Some would consider him a pretty poor hero in his world, but really, he's actually not half bad at it. He just focuses himself away from media attention, or the points heroes acquire to be top dog. None of that's important. What is important is coming to anyone's aid, because that's what the job should always be about.

He's been seen doing things as simple as getting a boy's balloon out of a tree for him, to trying to resuscitate a criminal who's already died. And in other cases, he's yelled at Barnaby (his unlikely partner) for showing little interest in the murders of three prisoners Barnaby had apprehended, as well as properly gave Lunatic an angry tongue-lashing for taking lives of criminals into his own hands, regardless if they deserve it or not (it even causes a rare moment where Kotetsu angrily yells out in frustration, unable to help Lunatic's victims).

The fact of the matter is, he understands life is irreplaceable. His wife Tomoe had died a few years prior and that certainly reinforced such an idea, as he understands the immense pain of losing someone dear to you, but it has always been an important value to keep. Whether he learned it from his mother, Mr. Legend, or some other source, it's stuck with him since the day he was given his job on Hero TV... And speaking of his job, he is consistently titled 'old-fashioned'. Which isn't a lie, as he's not what the new generation of Hero tends to be. He believes in the past values and rules (he's called old-school at just the mention of wearing a mask). It's probably taken from Mr. Legend and others from heroes past; Kotetsu has old recordings of them and will occasionally watch them like the fanboy he is. He's also from a fairly rural place compared to the urban setting of Sternbild, in a family that had older Japanese values and traditions.

Besides being 'old-school', Kotetsu's claim to fame in the series is either being reckless or intuitive. Mainly the former. The opposite of Barnaby, he tends to rely on gut reactions and rushes into things without concern for consequences, typically led by the tune of 'someone needs help, ergo I must help hastily'. He causes a lot of damage to this and that (though he has pretty impeccable percents on not maiming people, so that's a relief), and often has to pay damages fines through his company. Despite many complaints by the people who hire him, he's very steadfast in his ways and shows no signs of changing that anytime soon. Broken inanimate objects are of no consequence, because they're easy to replace with just a little lot of cash. Even in the final episode, he ends up aiding in destroying a perfectly good car and glass roof. Just from walking.

... Yeah, he's a clumsy hero. He's bumbling and clumsy. In any given scene of him running, it's pretty obvious he's not the nimblest character in the series. Hell, even Rock Bison—a character who's attributes are being big and tough in clunky suits of armor—is probably more graceful on his feet than Tiger is. He trips, he runs funny, and he always ends up doing something or another wrong that ends in failure. For example, in the first episode his power runs out in mid-jump and he nearly falls to his death. In the next, he accidently grapple hooks Barnaby into him and gets them stuck together. That's a major point to keep in mind about this guy: he tries. He tries so hard, he really does! But he doesn't think things through, or he doesn't pay any mind to his surroundings, or he just has the worst luck. Whatever the case, even his partner admits his enthusiasm is one of his only strong points. He's persistent and that is just one of those Wild Tiger trademarks you can't toss out.

Ah, but you can't really bring up Kotetsu's persistence without mentioning his selflessness. Probably the least cautious person in the series in regards to his own mortality, he's come to the conclusion long ago that a hero should be prepared to give up his life for the people and his/her job. It's just something that comes with the decision to be a hero, and if you can't accept that, then you're in for a rude awakening. He doesn't do his job for the public's adoration or respect (even if he would like someone to acknowledge he's not a total reject or failure ;;), he's doing it because he wants this. He's been injured pretty badly at times through the series, whether it's protecting his partner, or protecting the city from explosives, ooor taking a hit to insure he and Barnaby can free his daughter and the other heroes. He knows he's capable of getting killed in the line of duty, and he's cool with that.

That said, his selflessness extends to more annoying levels, for the people around him. In fact, it's selfish selflessness, if that's possible. He doesn't want to burden anyone with his problems, both because it's awful to heap anything on other people, and because he couldn't handle bothering other people. He doesn't tell Barnaby about his powers declining because it would have worried his partner. He doesn't tell Kaede that he's a hero because she'd worry about him. He doesn't tell Barnaby he's quitting because he worried about leaving him alone. He generally keeps to himself about all his troubles, and in that regard he's a lot like Barnaby is. A loner in terms of his own burdens (though let it be known he sucks at lying, so at least people can catch him off guard this way). And because of his trouble of just spitting it out and letting people know what's going on, he often breaks his promises.

And god, he can't keep a promise to save his damned soul. He promises Kaede things, he promises Barnaby things, he promises a lot because that's just what he jumps to. He doesn't consider the ramifications for when he can't keep the promise. It's like his brain doesn't think ahead that far. And considering how he is, it really probably doesn't. He's a present-tense sort of person who's only driven by the things that are happening to him as he speaks. At first in the series, he focuses on merely being a hero—there's nothing else to be planned. Go to work, do the job, done. But as the show progresses and he begins to lose his powers, his inability to grasp the future hits him full-swing and is actually an extremely important character point for him (especially in episode 17). Living in the moment is one thing you can't deny Tiger has a good grip on.

Speaking of things he doesn't have a good grip on, Kotetsu is oblivious to a lot of things. For one, he's oblivious to any advances toward him or anything of that nature. In fact, even his seiyuu's admitted he's not sure how someone like him managed to reproduce. And even if he weren't still gripping to his relationship with his wife, who'd passed away years prior to the series start, he has no focus or drive when it even comes to that sort of thing... Ah, yeah. His relationship with Tomoe is one of the most important relationships in the series. They'd met when they were in high school, and it's pretty obvious it's been Kotetsu's only romantic interest—at least from around age 16, to around age 30, if I had to surmise a decent time-frame in the series. She was the one who supported him in his goal to become a hero, and even picked out his hero name. He made a promise to her, just before her death, that he would always be one. And it's that promise in the 17th episode that torments him.

He's still very deeply in love with her, even years later. While he's come to terms with her death, he hasn't made any step to move on with his own life. I doubt he ever plans to.

A less somber transition: Kotetsu is an intelligent character. He's not exactly a dumbass, even if he has his dumbass moments. Most of the characters are caught off guard by his displays of intelligent at times, merely because he doesn't employ it often with his fiery go-go-GO! personality. He was the only person to figure out how Jake Martinez's second power worked, and even managed to convince Barnaby to have faith in him during a time where he had very little. He also has the right smarts in simple everyday life lessons. Sure, he can't technology (yes that's a verb here) to save his life, but he can say just the right things to help people out. He's done this for Karina, who was struggling between heroism and being a singer. He's helped a little NEXT boy who had suffered ridicule from other children. He's helped Pao-Lin and Ivan as well. In general, he's a handy figure to have around. He's not book-smart, but he's world-weary.

And he's not too bad at being fatherly, either.

... However. As we see with his relationship with Kaede, he has trouble with it. With someone as oblivious as he is, and with such a little amount of parenting under his belt, he often finds himself at ends with his daughter; he'd left her in the care of his mother so that he could live in the city and carry on Tomoe's wishes and his own, but because of that he's grown distant, so while he understands parenthood, he's never had to fully endure it. About five full years and five off-and-on years under his belt makes him surprisingly confused about how this whole 'dad' thing works. He speaks in cutesy voices and asks if she wants to sleep in his bed. And bathe with him.

At age 10.

It just goes to show how stuck in the present he is (or in this case, the past?). He doesn't even realize time and aging happens while he's away. But his intentions are good! They really are! And that is the final note to this horrendous personality section: his intentions are always good. Even when he messes things up, or causes someone grief, or gets himself into injury-prone problems, his intentions are always good. When he didn't put his faith in Barnaby during the Jake fiasco, it was because he just wanted to keep an eye out for Bunny's well-being. When he didn't tell him he was retiring, it was because he was suffering a lot of turmoil and he couldn't bring himself to hurt him further. He just wants everything to go smoothly. But it can't, because he's in a series where things love to go wrong for him on a daily basis.

... But at least his heart is pretty damn big. When all's said and done, that's what makes him such a good sight for sore eyes. And that's what's made things work out pretty okay, in the end.


Physical: Kotetsu has trained his body to be top notch, because that's what this line of work asks for! In fact, even without his hero powers he's a pretty tough guy to take on in a normal one-on-one fist fight—back in his teenage days, he was able to take on Antonio and his NEXT power without using his own. He's extremely athletic as well, being able to get a balloon out of a tree without any climbing involved; just a little fancy foot work. His endurance is also pretty great, as he's able to flee from multiple heroes in later episodes with just his wire watch and a little sprinting.

With his Hundred Power, he's particularly powerful. Everything physical is enhanced times 100, such as his speed, endurance, durability, strength, and his senses as well. He was capable of listening through rain to find his daughter, who had been trapped in a shrine during a typhoon. He can also do surprisingly powerful things like bend metal into a knot, pick up cars, and get himself thrown through things with little injury compared to a normal human being. He can even smash concrete with his face. Sure, it bruises, but whatever. :^|b

He also has the power suit to work with (if he stumbles upon it in Luceti, anyway), which withstands fire and most natural elements. He uses it often, and even when he's not capable of using his NEXT abilities this is a handy thing to fall back on. It has an interior monitor for keeping tabs on video, audio, statuses of the suit, and so on. Not to mention, a handier version of his wire watch, located on the arm.

... And really cool sponsors on the suit. That's soooo a physical strength.

... And he can sing and play harmonica? I guess that's pretty groovy. Markin' that down as a physical skill, baby.

Mental: INDOMITABLE SPIRIT!! But really, his mental strength probably lies most in being a seasoned hero. He's already dealt with a lot of crazy shit, and he's built a strong mentality around it, having to endure thing after thing in his occupation and life. He's also smarter than he lets on, solving a few problems in the series before any of the other characters do, and we've already mentioned his wonderful fatherly attitude.

Emotional: He's pretty good at keeping a neutral face when things get heavy. And his empathy and desire to help people is both a strength and a problem. But mainly a strength. It pays to not be a cold, heartless person, y'know? There's not much point in helping people if you feel nothing for a job like that.


Physical: Aah, the Hundred Power is such a double-edged sword. On one hand, he becomes so very strong, but on the other, it only lasts five minutes at a time. Er. Well, more like 3:45** now. In his canon he's been slowly declining in power every time he uses his NEXT abilities. And after he uses his maximum amount of power, he's unable to use it again for another full hour or so. This means that if he's in the middle of a battle and all of his fighting time dries up, he'll just be another normal human for beating up. Because of this, he'll only use his powers when absolutely necessary, often to save people. When he and Nathan were being attacked by a large armored suit, he didn't even use it then until he realized it was too serious not to.

And we're talking 'it's shooting bullets at me but that's okay' mentality, here.

Gotta make those powers count where they're utilized.

**I don't have any plans to immediately continue his downward spiral in NEXT time in Luceti, but it'll probably end up happening sooner or later, because it'd be cruel fun to play out. Maybe. I'm hoping this is okay? If not I can continue decreasing his powers while he's there.

Mental: Already brought up, but he's big on staying in his own head, working out his own issues. Which is good... sometimes. But it often gets him into even bigger messes when he should just say what is troubling him. Hah. Other than that, his power doesn't enhance his mental prowess, so he's just a normal human upstairs. Also, some may consider his manchild attitude a weakness, since it makes him oblivious and dorky half the time. I'd like to think it's charming. :^|

Ah! And he has poor memory. Don't ever rely on him to remember anything, because he slips up quite often. He says it's because when you're in his job for a long time, faces tend to blend together, but really, he just doesn't keep in to memory.

Emotional: Set him in front of a really sad movie and give him a Kleenex. Watch and observe.


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January 2012:

Jigen — sup I'm a tiger
Nami — gonna get that fucking gopher i swear to christ
Miyabi — Came back blind? Here's a tiger you can't see.

February 2012:

Tony — Fist-fighting, huh?
Bunny — ... N-nope, no memories about the weekend. :|
Lil' Sanji — Where did my boss go--oh there he is.
Pao-lin — Why so gloomy?
Tony — Ugh Fight Clubbin' with Crapbeard.
Xion — wait why are you at fight club
Fight Log — ... This is stupid. :C
Fight Log / Tony — And here's the part where I beat you up.
Fight Log / Tony and Adele — and the part where I drag you to a doctor.
Love Tree Log — Uuuuugh wtf is going on...
Sanji — You've had enough to drink, methinks.

March 2012:

Sanji — So. Partner's 'napped.
Melaka — Sigh. Kidnappings, part deux: WHAT CAN WE DO.
Battle Dome Fiasco — Tch. Damn.

April 2012:

Sanji — jdfhskdjfh wtf!!
Sanji — he is a slave driver. also all these big eaters.
Vivi — An old lady threw me into a thrift store!

May 2012:

Kazooie — Are you gonna be alright?
Chibi!Kotetsu — There is a kid around here...
[Chibi!Kotetsu] Bruce — OH GOD AN ALIEN
[Chibi!Kotetsu] Chibi!Jilly — awww man, powers, i hate em
[Chibi!Kotetsu] Nami — just chillin at the lake...

June 2012:

Sanji — You're back!
Tony — Wow you look like crap.
Pao-Lin — You're back!!
Grell — Oi, shut your stupid mouth--

August 2012:

Noel — None of these signs make sense...
event log — FUCK YOU, CAP. I HATE YOU.
Nephry — You alright?

September 2012:

Xion — u ok xion
Teddy — Talkin' bout hoooome
Cap'n America — Sounds like this guy is bad news...

October 2012:

Tony Stark — gotta talk about stuff
Zombie Draft — And then shit goes awry.
Nami (draft) — misery misery misery
Tony (draft) — sorry about your car :|

December 2012:

Billy — hero talk

Feburary 2013:

Spa Log — This can only end in spa tears.
Sanji — Nami's gone home.
Mission; The General — She's not really your daughter.
Mission; Shikamaru — You're just dreaming this up.
Mission; Neji — And he was here to ruin that.

March 2013:

Mission; Jack  — No, not this, too. Not again.
Mission; Shikamaru — He isn't sure how to get out.
Mission; The Meadow —  SAVE ALL THE KIDS.
Mission; Jack Sparrow — Don't goof off right now, man.
Sanji — Mission's over, but everything still sucks.
Kaede — It gets worse.
Luceti [Locked Transmission]— So about that mission.
Kaede (log) — The Kaburagi's make due with their situation.
Trinkett — .... Eh?

April 2013:

Ganon Log — Everyone get your asses inside!


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