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8 • Mr. Legend Record • [Action/Voice]

[Kotetsu's been laying low, for the sake of... well, not getting into trouble. He's been doing pretty good, okay? Like, exceptionally! Today is just 'Filter Through the Item Shop' day, where he's getting a few simple things; a camera, a new coat, and the usual sort of thing. Of course, he hardly expected to run into a box of familiar old records--his own, right outta' the apartment back home. He's excited and grinning when he slides back the opened top a little.]

Maaa, no way! This has my Mr. Legend albums and everything!

[Hell yes, today is the best day ever!

... Eh? What's this?

He removes the top completely and narrows his eyes at the small notebook on top. It'd have his recorded regression of power inside, he knew, and there was nothing like a brief reminder of your disappointments to kill the mood, right? But he just grumbles in annoyance under his breath and tucks the small journal away in his back pocket before hoisting up the box of goods.

Perfect. Now there was only one issue.]


Oi, oi, anybody got a video record player they'd let me borrow for a while? Nothing fancy, just whatever'll play my old records! Or a record player for my music, anyway; do the malnosso give those kindsa' things out?

I searched the store, but I didn't see any...


Actually, I was wondering if you guys had any kindsa' heroes back home; not like, officers and army people—those guys are heroes, too, but I mean the old fashion Heroes! With capes and masks and all kinds of cool stuff like that! The ones who have neat powers and fight the crooks!

Things like that are the coolest, don't ya' think?

[Afterward he lankily walks off to work, whistling into the kitchen. And practically drools while he sweeps, because my god, why did he work in a place where food was made specifically not for him. :C

He needs something to listen to to get his mind off things.



I-is that a pie on the oven?

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[Actually, it's the music player bit that pinged him, but unfortunately Ginji doesn't have anything like that here. If they were back in Sheridan, then Ishtar could have helped.]

[Heroes with capes and masks...oh!]

You mean like Abyssman?
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Yes, they're a popular superhero team from a group of plays. Let's see... there was Abyss Red, Black, Orange, Green, Pink, Blue. I think they added Red's brother in later on, too. Abyssman would say a bunch of cool things and then go around rescuing people and upholding justice.

[It's been a while, but he used to be pretty fond of Abyssman stories. Who wasn't?]

Ah, but the villain was an evil scientist.
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[Sure, sure.]

That's right! With body suits and helmets and everything.

If I remember correctly, Abyssman's archnemesis was their creator, Dr. Reaper. Not only did he work for a dark organization, but he created large-scale robots, too. In each of the plays, Abyssman goes against the other members - and later the leader - of the Order.
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"TV"...that's short for television, isn't it? If so, then yes, I bet that it would.

But anyway, they did manage to get him! A few times, really, since he kept coming back. The last scene where they fought against him was right after Red's brother was rescued. In the end, Abyssman teamed up and hit him with all their finishing moves together.

Of course, even with Dr. Reaper gone, there's still evil out there for them to defeat.
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I'd be happy to let you know, but that doesn't seem at all likely. We don't have movies or television networks back home, so I doubt a video of it exists. Maybe someone here could put on a dramatic production of it, though.

By the way, you mentioned something about a "video record player".
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How does it work exactly?
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[Not so mechanically-minded?]

So it's sort of like a music disc player combined with a projector? That sounds really interesting! I hope you're able to find one.
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Sure, I'll keep an eye out. Actually, I'd really love to see one in use.