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4 • PDA • [Written/Locked Action]

[So. Christmas was over. Things were settling from the draft. Kotetsu is ready to go out and start this day; he dresses like usual, puts on his hat and adjusts his tie, and moves out the door—and he sees, down the hall, a small group of droids. They turn and look at him, and they're already walking dangerously fast toward his front door from down the way. He slams the door back and runs into his bedroom, slamming that door as well. Not much time, then. He knew what they were here for. Without a moment of pause he slips off his ring and leaves it on the dresser, scared to lose it again, and flips open his journal, sloppily writing a note.]

prooobably gonna be taken by the robots for a while, take care of yourselves — kotetsu

[And then he leaves out the window, glowing blue. They're following pretty quickly, and even with his power on they're proving hard to get rid of. He makes a break for the forest. He runs as fast as he can until he's a good distance, leaning against a tree and heaving a breath. He's so used to using this damn PDA. He didn't even leave it at home. He couldn't, really. 

Please don't be afraid to ask for help, if you need it.

You can trust me.

He hears the droids already catching up, and brings up the voice function; he didn't want to tell him what was happening. He really didn't. Barnaby was stressed out as it was with the holidays; him calling him to fight a fruitless fight didn't matter. But. He promised. If he was ever in over his head, he'd let Bunny know.

He talks into the call bracelet the moment it connects, nervous.]


You remember that robot problem they have here?

[Yeah, he was a goner. Sorry, aibou. But at least he's telling you upfront, right?]

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[ .. but it's not enough. sure, maybe if they were only fighting one of these guys, or two, or if they had unlimited hundred power, they would be able to fight them off. but that isn't the case. they're fast, powerful, and there are just so many of them.

barnaby kicks out at the elbow of a reaching arm, then again, and again, until the joint is all but mangled. but that's just one of many, and it just takes too much time. a droid darts in from the right and seizes his leg by the ankle, throwing him effortlessly to the ground at the feet of a pack of droids, which immediately leap to subjugate him.

they're probably going to be red-flagged, aren't they. ]
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[ there are so many of them swarming over him, forcing him down with their legs, but barnaby can still see kotetsu being flung, he can see the blue glow fading -- and immediately he's launched into panic mode. shouting through clenched teeth he fights and bucks and shoves, hundred power surging through his body. against all odds he manages to fling three of the robots off of him but more rush in to take their place. ]


[ they grab his wrists and ankles and god they're so strong, fighting them is impossible. H-01 had been impossible, even two-on-one, but here they are severely outnumbered, without their power suits, and kotetsu even without his hundred power. he fights and kicks and slams into them but there's nothing he can do. desperate panic claws at his chest. ]

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[ how can these be happening? now, of all times? it's not fair. it's just not fair. barnaby kicks out wildly, struggling against his subjugators, churning up the snow beneath him but all it earns him is bruises and scrapes. there are too many, too many - he's never felt so powerless. ]

No, bring him back here! Don't you dare take him from me, you bastards! Wait! Wait!

[ it's useless. kotetsu is dragged off, and the droids remain, pinning him down as he struggles and fights, then finally falls slack. his power is spent, his body is spent, and he's silent. five long minutes pass, and only when the droids deem it safe do they let up, quickly pulling away from him and moving, single file, in the direction their brethren had moved off in. barnaby does not follow. ]